Taking a Break

Hi All! Just wanted to let you all know that I will be taking a break from posting here at Days With The Grays. All of the posts will remain up, and if you need to ask any questions (especially about cargo bikes) please feel free to email me at info@dayswiththegrays.com. All of my art blogging and Creative Mothers interviews will now be happening over at www.megangrayarts.com

See you over there and thanks so much!

-Megan Gray


Abstract? What Just Happened?

I don't know what happened exactly. I just felt a need to play. To just let the paint and color do the talking and not so much a view of what I was actually painting. I have always had a place in my heart for abstracts. They aren't as easy as they look. Mentally it's harder for me to just let go. To just see how the paint moves and the colors talk, but once it happens it is so much fun. I think Ellie having fun just putting paint on paper has helped to inspire this new area of my work. It's nice to have different directions to go in depending on what I feel like working on.

The first three paintings our now listed in my Artfinder Shop, and the two purple ones in the last photo will be available soon. They are still drying because I used oil paint for them.

"Just Enough Madness" 




Shop Small with Megan Gray Arts

I have begun a series called 'Views of Mount Tabor' (first three paintings in this series start with the third painting photo below). I can't really complain because it's a great view, but we can just see the top of Mount Tabor from our bedroom window of our house. So it's the only good view at the moment, and it has seemed to work it's way into my art. I'm excited to see how the series progresses. My view of Mount Tabor changes daily just with the weather alone. It makes for a great variety of colors, textures, and clouds. It's even beautiful when it rains. 

I have also just finished listing some new paintings in my Etsy Shop and my Artfinder ShopWon't you go have a look? 

Autumn Fog 16"x20" Oil Painting 

Disappearing Stream 5"x7" Oil Painting on Wood Plaque

Views of Mount Tabor #1 - Oil Painting on 6" circular wood plaque

Views of Mount Tabor #2 - Oil Painting on 6" Wood Plaque

Views of Mount Tabor #3 - Oil Painting on 3"x5" Wood Plaque

Home Among The Clouds Oil Painting on 3"x5" Wood Plaque