Jumping in Head First

1:26 AM

Jumping in Head First...

Today is the first day I am posting about. It feels like a new start. Yesterday was supposed to be the start, but a hacker compromised my email and my facebook, so I was busy all day emailing and calling everyone. It's still not completely resolved uugghh! 

Anyway below you will find pics and descriptions about our day on October 6th, 2010. Our day was filled with going to the Reservoir and to the library. The boys played on the playground and then we all enjoyed a nice walk in the woods. We found lots of interesting things to learn from and relate to. We ended the day with story time and snack at the library. 

They decided to hug this tree all on their own :) Plus, we named it the "Giving Tree" because it has a heart carved into it like in the book. We also learned it's really not nice to carve things into trees. And a thank you was said to the tree for all of the air it cleans for us.

Thorns are sharp and pointy and help plants to climb and protect themselves.

What made these tracks? Nat first said a stroller, Awesome! But then we saw a bike go by and he got it!

I honestly don't know how Nat picked this mushroom out in the leaves, but he did. It's amazing all of the little things kids notice. They help me to notice the little and beautiful things in life too.

Behind the bird bind watching a Snowy Egret.

Yes they do! Nat and Ben also learned who's head was larger. Based on measuring it with a string and comparing it to the size of the pumpkins. All in all a day filled with learning and lots of books borrowed from the library.

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  1. Such a fun post! =0)

    We often take walks in the woods with our boys. They love to learn about nature!

    I'm glad I came across your blog! I found you through Radical Unschoolers Network.


  2. Thanks so much! I'm just getting started. I checked out your blog and we too are thinking about doing the rv thing in a few years. Glad to meet another family who is already on the road :)