Summer is Just Another Season

1:11 AM

Summer is just another season for us. We don't wait for a the bell to ring to tell us it's here. It comes naturally and depending on the weather sometimes slowly. It seems like a luxury, but really anyone can attain this. It seems unreal at times. It's hard to explain to others, especially most that think we are nuts. We don't have bedtimes, but we usually go to sleep at the same time every night anyway. We don't have alarm clocks, but the kids eyes pop open almost the same time everyday. Mom's eyes would like to reamin closed due to late nights working and blogging though lol! We eat when we are hungry, not when we are told. We play with chalk, but the sidewalk is our chalkboard. Bare feet are commonplace here too. How can you resist little toes anyway. Yes, sometimes I have to pinch myself. Yes, sometimes this is really hard. Yes, I doubt myself, but deep down this is what we need. We explore not only the world around us by home educating, but ourselves as well. So far we are all learning the basics and enjoying Summer as a season, not a break.

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  1. So have to wonder why others just don't get it!!!
    Thanks for sharing!