"It's been a long time i shouldn't have left you without a dope beat to step to."

8:56 PM

If you know what song that title is from than we both know what generation you are from :) But if you need a hint click here. What we have been up to the past few months:

Taking pics of Mom.

Best hiding place and he didn't make a sound.

Leapster Learning.

Lego airport.

Birthday parties.

Awesome bubble baths.

Lots of writing.

Crazy Mom and Dad.

More writing from Nat.

Moving the table by ourselves, so we can eat and watch the tv at the same time.

Enjoying Spring-like weather in January.

Making funny faces.

Shadows are always fun!

Ben loves when I make pictures black and white.

Last but not least, baby #3 is on the way. Due this Summer!! We are all super excited!

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