Even More Ways to Ride

11:53 AM

My husband Brian has always been into bikes. When we first met he loved going mountain biking and still has his heavy duty, downhill mountain bike. I tried biking on the trails with him then, and I prefer to hike them. I feel a little more in control that way, but I do give lots of credit to anyone who can bike off road, especially down a mountain. 

My hubby's love of bikes is infectious and the boys love to ride. They each have their own two wheel bikes (with training wheels) and now we have this tagalong that their grandparents found at a garage sale for only $20. They brought it over yesterday and the boys got to try it out. It's definitely easier for Nat, but Ben likes it too. Nat was even able to push Brian with his own peddling. I'm grateful that my mother-in-law always has her camera out, so we were able to capture the first ride. 

Now we have another option for family riding. It's a funny thing too because Brian and I were just talking about how Nat would love a tagalong. 

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