Playing Under the Cherry Trees

9:56 PM

Down the street from us are two beautiful Cherry Trees. They are just starting to drop their petals and are annoying the car owners, that have their cars parked underneath them, I'm sure. But all I can remember as a kid was how much I loved this time of year and standing below these awesome trees as the the petals dropped around me. Well, the boys loved it too and they even liked picking the fallen petals up and throwing them into the air. I'm glad they enjoyed it as much I did as a kid, and still do.

Side Learning Note: Ben also came to the conclusion (all by himself) that petals, like the ones on the trees, sound almost the same as pedals on his bike, but they are not the same just like a mouse and a computer mouse are different. It was great to see him figuring this out without any prompting from me. It's amazing to watch them both learn on their own.

The Ham!

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