Mother's Day 2012

11:16 PM

My husband is a florist, so yes I do get flowers, but he is not home much on holidays. Mother's Day being not only a busy day, but a busy week. That doesn't mean I didn't have an awesome day being with the kids. 

It was the first Sunday of the Red Bank Farmer's Market, which included the amazing Cinnamon Snail (BEST DOUGHNUTS EVER!!!). So the boys and I took the train to Red Bank to go get some yummy eats. It was their first official train ride and they loved it. Riding the train is part of using the car less and slowing the pace down a little more with added exercise. 
Plus, the kids are free on weekends.
We didn't really have to walk far to and from the stations, but it is a lot for a 3 and 5 year old. They handled it really well considering, and I only got the comment, "We should have taken the car, so we can just go now," once or twice from Nat. Even with that comment, they weren't too tired to head on down to the beach when we got home.
It was a great day filled with awesome food, lots of walking and sunshine, a fun train ride, and at the end flowers. 

Here we go!

They loved being able to see new things.

We found a nice shady spot to eat our strawberries and to wait for the next train.
Building castles.

Cool dude enjoying the gorgeous weather.

A little bright, but we were excited to finally see the sun.

Baby Gray #3 update pic. A little over 28 weeks/7 months.

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