A Ride to Target

11:29 PM

As a kid I used to ride my bike all of the time. It's how I traveled to get to and from friends' houses. I studied Taekwondo from about the ages of 12 to 15. I received my black belt and even participated in competitions, but then I started high school, moved to a new town that was more rural, and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Right when I needed to be more active I became inactive. Since then I have had spurts of being really in shape. I tried going to the gym everyday, but that soon wore off and got expensive. I practiced Yoga and even became a Yoga Teacher. Yet, once I had kids I fell back into just living. I wasn't lazy, but I didn't do a lot of really physical activity. Of course being a parent is very physical, it's just not the same as when I was more active in my younger years. Plus, I started a photography business that keeps me in front of the computer editing a lot! All this time not being super active has worn on me. I struggled to find something that didn't cost me a monthly fee and that I could do with the kids. My husband has always loved bikes, but I couldn't get back on one until this cargo bike. It has changed my life completely. 

One time purchase cost, check!
I can bring the kids along, check!
I can go places, check!
Carry cargo, check!
It's great for the environment!
Easy on my wallet!
And the best part, I'm active again! Active with a purpose!

With this bike we all ride more. The boys want to ride their bikes more. I want to ride more. I feel better physically and mentally when I ride. My blood sugars are in awesome control due to the exercise. We are all feeling better and are all stronger. And yes I'm 7 months pregnant riding a cargo bike with two kids! It's hard. I have to stop and take breaks at times. And I know when I need to use the car or just wait to go somewhere. Yet, this is my best pregnancy to date. I feel better than I have in years. I don't know if I will be riding in my 9th month, but as of now it's easier to ride at times than it is to prego waddle, I mean walk ;)

Here are some photos my stepdad took when we were getting ready to go back home from Target yesterday. He met us there, so he could drop off my camera he had borrowed. He was a little concerned that we would get caught in the rain (My whole trip to the store was to get rain gear for the kids. No such luck. Online shopping for gear it is!), but we made it back before the rain came anyway. The whole ride was about 6 miles. We left our house around 1pm and got back home around 4pm. It was a three hour trip, but slowing down is something we all need to practice too. 

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  1. I love this post!!! You look fantastic, Megan!!... I need to get my bike out and blow the dust off!

  2. Thanks April! :) Def get that bike out and ride. It makes you feel like a kid again!

  3. you are so freakin cute megan!

  4. Love this bike! People thought I was crazy with my front basket and riding to the market, and look at you! Awesome!