34 Weeks Pregnant & Still Riding the Cargo Bike

11:29 PM

Honestly, I wasn't sure I could do this ride. I have been tired lately and haven't been getting much sleep. My restless nights make sleeping difficult. I came to the conclusion that my restlessness had a lot to do with the lack of activity, so I decided to challenge myself. Of course knowing my limits, especially being 34 weeks pregnant. Plus, I had not riden this long of a distance with the boys without my husband, so this was a first for me too. 

Originally I thought to take Ocean Ave. along the beach, but as soon as I turned onto it the head wind was way too much. I would have never make it. I decided to take 71 instead. Only at one point on the way to the store did I actually stop and walk the bike and that was going up a bridge. It was a nice break and the kids got out and walked and were able to look at the water and boats for a minute. On the way back I was able to peddle slowly up the bridge. I guess I was warmed up enough to do it by then. 

After that bridge the ride was pretty easy and steady for me. 
I even ran into some road repaving and didn't have to change my course because I was able to use the sidewalks. Just another great reason to walk or use a bike! Being on the bike I noticed so many others biking and a new place called Bricks 4 Kidz. It's amazing what you notice when you are on a bike instead of a car. 

On the way back home I stopped at a park to let the boys play. They were so good the whole trip. Our total trip took us about three hours, which included our time at the health food store, bridge, and the park. I rode a total of 9.95 miles and felt tired, but great after we got home. I'm glad that I did it and that I was able to get a lengthy ride in before this heat wave. 

Last night I slept like a baby.

Today I rested and spent some time at the beach. Welcome Summer!

The map of our ride. Almost 10 miles.

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  1. you are a freakin' hardcore, rock star mama!!

    1. Awww shucks! Thanks Ladayyy! Miss you guys.