Learning About Money

8:27 PM

The kids needed to empty their banks into their big bank account. What a great way to teach them about what it's all worth and what each coin is. Sure we could have taken the easy way and used a coin star, but then what would they have learned? Plus, they would have lost a few bucks.

We went to the bank and picked up some change roll papers. My husband helped them get it all out, put it in order, and to fill each roll. All while helping them to learn about the money they had. At the end they counted up there money and used the calculator to add it all together. In total they had about $88.00 to add to their savings account. They have more money in savings than we do! 

We even had some foreign money in our banks and some saved up Chuck E. Cheese Money too (I really don't want to use the Chuck E. Cheese money). It was a great way for them to learn and they had fun doing something with Dad.

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