Milestones - A Birthday & Learning to Swim

2:19 PM

 Geeps and Papa took all of us to Medieval Times for Ben's Fourth Birthday! 

First time ever at Medieval Times.
Took a while to get the crown off LOL!

Our Little Knight, Sir Benjamin.

Making Mom something good.

Cupcakes that look like watermelons from Papa Ganache.


Ben's b-day present from Mom and Dad was riding the pedal boats.
We rode in the dragon.

We are fortunate that Brian's sister has a pool and that we live so close to the beach. We are spoiled. Our kids are not afraid of water at all because of this. Swim lessons have always been something we thought we needed to do, and were always planning on doing. It just did not happen for one reason or another.

The boys always wear some kind of floaty vest or something when at the pool. At the beach we don't really go that far into the ocean anyway. The other day, before we left for Aunt Wendy's house to go swim, Nat said that today he wasn't going to wear the floaty vest. That he would swim on his own now. Of course I didn't really think much of it and thought okay he can touch in the shallow end anyway. I did not think he would end up really swimming! 

He amazes me everyday. Both of the boys do. I didn't have to force or make him take swim lessons when he wasn't ready. He was just ready and did it all on his own. He learned to swim all on his own because he wanted to and because he wanted to keep up with his older cousins. Ben is still being cautious in the pool, though I can tell seeing his brother swim has sparked his desire too.

I was so proud to see Nat accomplish this on his own. I still have moments where I think that I'm not doing enough to make sure they learn things. That I should be doing more. Nat once again proved that we are going in the right direction. That he likes learning and does well because I don't force or pressure. We just live and learn. 

I'm not perfect. Nat and Ben are helping me learn too. They remind me that I'm here to help when they ask for it and to just be a gentle guide. 

Here's a video of Nat swimming.

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