Where We Learn - Allaire State Park

12:23 PM

Last week we met with some awesome new friends at Allaire State Park. We walked, talked, climbed, and explored. And later two little boys passed out in the back of the car on the way home. Four hours of park exploring will do that to ya! 

It's an amazing feeling, even for me, to be able to have the kids learn this way. They were able to communicate and have free play with their new friends, and at the same time I was able to talk with my new friend. All while exploring the Allaire Village and park area. 

Even though we have been so many times before, we always learn something new about the village's history. We also saw some beautiful damselflies and almost lost our shoes in the creek. Luckily we were able to fish them out with a stick. Croc Fishing 101 anyone?!

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