35 Weeks and Missing the Bike

12:14 AM

Gotta love a picture of me by my toilet haha!

I'm just shy of 36 weeks pregnant now. The home stretch. And I feel stretched! The weather here is getting hot and humid (the humid being worse than the hot).

Everything is looking good with the babe and on a Diabetic level I feel great. I can still handle being pregnant, but I can sense the feeling of being very done quickly approaching. I think the weather is what has really pushed me to feel this way. 

I haven't been riding the bike. Not even short rides. It's just too hot and I'm exhausted. I knew this day would come, and I'm okay with it. I know I will get back on the bike after the baby comes. I know my energy is needed to help her grow a little more and to make her grand exit/entrance. 

Though, I do miss riding and hope maybe the weather will break just a bit for me to feel up for an around the block ride soon. If not, the bike and I will meet again in just a few short weeks.

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  1. you are a beautiful mama!

  2. Make some time to indulge and pamper yourself in some way. Seriously. Best thing you could do for your family! <3 <3 <3