We Should Not Have Gone on a Bike Ride!

2:29 PM

Yesterday we spent most of the day having fun at a friends house. Plenty of play, laughter, and running around. No need to feel guilty that we haven't been riding. These past two weeks have been filled with friends, family, and way too much heat. So why did I feel it necessary for everyone to ride to go get some pizza last night? Because Nat had asked once that day about a bike ride? Because I wanted to ride soooo badly?

After we left our friends the boys fell asleep on the way home in the car. When we arrived home it was already close to 8pm, but I insisted on getting on the bikes. Let's just go get pizza (even though we could have easily walked to the pizza shop around the corner, I wanted to go to the one a bit further by bike). We should not have gotten on our bikes!

Surprisingly, at exactly 36 weeks pregnant, I physically felt great getting on the bike. Mentally, due to all of us being hungry and tired, we should have stayed home. Nat was tired and wobbly on his bike. It made me panic while riding behind him. He almost ran into a lady walking. More panic and anxiety. The roads and sidewalks were busy. It's Summer in a shore town, what the hell was I thinking?! More panic, more anxiety! We arrived at the pizza place...CLOSED!!! Now cursing and wanting to punch any idiot driver or passer by (don't worry I would never, but I felt like it). And my poor tired husband taking the brunt of my crankiness.

Now riding to another pizza shop. Summer time. Shore town. Busy!!! Drivers who do not know area...bikers who do not know how to ride because they only get on a bike once a year in a shore town, in the Summer!!!! MORE PANIC! MORE ANXIETY!!!

Then idiot driver almosts hits my husband with the child on tandem! I crumble! I'm done! My husband can hold his shit together. I cannot! Nat takes a little spill on the sidewalk and I lose it. I go home and let them ride to the pizza shop without me. My anxiety and panic is only making the ride worse. We should not have gotten on the bikes!

Once home I still felt anxious and thought that was it, no more riding in this awful state with it's awful shore Summer traffic. I know I was being ridiculous. The point is that we shouldn't get in a car and drive when super tired...well we shouldn't get on a bike either. We were all hungry and tired and none of us had the patience to ride. That added with Summer traffic made it worse.

The kids not riding and being in the cargo bike would have made it easier, but the point was for them to ride too. Though, that was a bad decision on my part also. We should not have gotten on those bikes and I should not have let my ego get the best of me! I have learned my lesson. I just hope to remember it.

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  1. sounds like a tough day, good blog subject- let out the frustration! I hope you feel better and more relaxed- only a few weeks left!

    1. Yes, I needed to write it. Waiting somewhat patiently for this baby ;) Def ready to meet her.

  2. Awww. Sorry you had such a difficult day - I'm sure it felt worse than it was. Hunger, heat, fatigue, and being 36 weeks will do that to anyone.