A Rainy Weeks Worth

4:34 PM

Lots of new legos. I actually love when they're all over the floor like this.
It shows how focused they are on what they are building and it looks cool. 

made by cousin Jackie

He loves her so much!

Rainy day on the porch.

Notice Ben's shirt? Click to see more.

Lots of rain.

She loves being snuggled up with the blanket right in her face.

Learning to play checkers.

Playing tic tac toe. Later they learned how to play Chess with Daddy.
The next day they had set up the Chess board correctly all on their own and started to try and play together.


The rain turned the lights out for a bit.
Thank goodness the ipad was charged.

Glad the sun is back this week. And that Fall is right around the corner.

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