Right Now

2:08 PM

Right now we are still settling into being a family of five. We are home more than usual because it's easier at the moment, but slowly we are venturing out into our world a little more. Soon the boys will have Soccer on Fridays and we will join some friends for weekly hikes. 

Right now I am trying to make sure we get our greens with smoothies and juices everyday. The smoothie above is loaded with berries, bananas, coconut water, orange juice, kale, ground flax seed, and a handful of baby mixed greens. Just a way for all of us to get the good stuff. I have also been trying to cook more so we don't go out to eat as much.

Right now my kitchen floor is dirty, but as you can see it's great for driving little cars on. The kitchen always has some form of toy in it. I find them on the floor or tucked behind the fruit bowls. I know one day I will miss finding hidden toys here. I can only imagine the places they think up in the kitchen.

What is happening with your family right now?

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