Two Cargo Bikes! Time to Sell the Car!

10:14 PM

Over the past few months we sold a bunch of stuff we don't need or use anymore. The money was put into savings in order to purchase another cargo bike, a Bakfiets. Having a bakfiets means we can go car free sooner because now all of the kids fit on one bike. With our Madsen we would have had to wait until Ellie was old enough to sit up in a child's seat attached to the bike (considering I'm the one who uses the car the most with the kids it was time to make another cargo bike purchase, so now there are no excuses).

We bought the bike from Adeline Adeline in NYC this weekend and went into the city to pick it up. Everyone at the shop was super friendly and helpful especially with getting the bike onto the truck (we borrowed the truck from my aunt and uncle. No way this bike would fit in our little Matrix). 

Our bakfiets is now home alongside our Madsen. We have been riding both cargo bikes all around since we got back on Saturday. It's amazing how many people stop to talk to us about the bikes and how many heads they turn. We are super excited to be one step closer to being car free. Now it's time to clean the car of its many crumbs and get the For Sale sign out.

P.S. I hear some of you already with your worry and concern for us going car free. I will be writing another post soon to explain the why and the how of our decision. We are not the only ones doing this, and have thought it through. It's going to take some adjusting and there will be major changes to how often we go far, but we know this is best direction for us to be headed in. 

She loves riding and goes right to sleep. 

We are quite a group.

Look Mom can be a passenger too!

What a pair.

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  1. Wooo! Beautiful family, beautiful bikes! I love the box/bucket bike setup. I think we'll be adding one to our fleet in the near future. Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations on making the world a better place for your kids. Very inspiring.

    1. Thanks JS! Trying to be the change we wish to see :)