Why No Car?

1:38 AM

Ok so I'm splitting the why and how about being car free into two posts. 
This is the why:

Do I really need to go into this? 

We are not gym people. Just imagine if you rode your bike, ran, or walked to the gym. Would you need a membership? The people who drive to the gym to ride a stationary bike, in my opinion, are not thinking clearly.

We are teaching our kids, and hopefully others, that there are more ways to travel than just by car. We are also teaching our children that being active is important especially in a world full of video games and computers.

Here's a big shocker, like a lot of people, we have debt. It limits the experiences we can have with our kids. It's making us work longer hours and longer weeks just to pay it. So selling the car and not having  insurance and gas to pay for will help decrease our debt quickly. Which means more time with each other and the rest of our family and friends. And maybe even some more vacations. 

Since we purchased our first cargo bike last Spring we have already seen an increase in our connection and involvement with our community. People stop to talk to us about our bikes and some even recognize us because of the bikes now. We are slowly getting involved in trying to make people more aware that families can bike and to help make biking safer in our community. We also travel shorter distances which keeps us more connected to our own community happenings and to local businesses. We have also gotten involved with an even larger cargo biking community with members located throughout the United States. A community that helps to inspire and support us in our car free journey everyday.

Our relationship as a husband and wife, as parents, and as a family will be even stronger and already is because we ride together. It's something we all participate in and enjoy. We can talk to each other more easily while riding bikes and enjoy each other's company. There is not as much traffic to get frustrated at on a bike and we all get to stop and smell the roses more. 

It's fun to ride bikes. It's even more fun to ride with people you love and care about. 

Our Future
As a family our goals are to live as simply as possible. We want to surround ourselves with people we love and experiences that have meaning, instead of a house full of empty things we have purchased. We don't need much. Simple is our goal. A tiny house, our bikes, and maybe someday a little bit of land will do just fine. In order to get to that someday we have to start our journey today. Even if we stay where we are we can always make our lives simpler and easier. And that's what we are doing.

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  1. I read this post this morning, but I saved it because I wanted to leave a comment! I love so much how you are simplifying your life. All I read is people doing this across the country, but it's awesome to know someone right in my home area that is making it work, with three kids no less! :)

    1. Thanks Kate! We need all the support we can get ;) It's something we feel strongly about, but we know it will be a major change.