Heroes and Inspiration - Emily Finch

2:23 AM

I think it's healthy as a Mama to have some Mama heroes, don't you? All parents need other parents for inspiration, friendship, and to look up to. Here is one of my ultimate biking Mama heroes, Emily Finch! If you haven't seen her in action yet just watch the videos below. I have never met her personally :( but maybe one day I will get my ass out to Portland. There are so many awesome biking people I would love to meet! Plus, I know my friend Kelli wants us to visit, but I don't think she would let us leave LOL. 

We are fortunate to have found and become a part of a cargo cycling community that has brought Emily and many other riders into our widespread biking community. 
Emily you are an inspiration to me and to many others, keep pedaling! 
And thank you again for sharing your bike with the world!

So who are your parenting heroes? Please do share in the comments below.

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  1. Parenting role models are incredibly important. When we start our family bicycling journey five years ago, we had no one locally to whom we can ask questions. The internet community made *all* the difference: I was following Travis Wittwer, Anne King, Julian from Totcycle for our earliest days. A happy, happy change is that we now have a wonderful family bicycling community here in New Haven, but it was so good early on to see others doing this and knowing it could be done.