More Like A Month's Worth

10:09 PM

Grocery haul in the new bakfiets.

Learning Geography.

Grandpa bought them a really cool race car set.

Captain America and Thor protecting us from Sandy.
First Halloween, but no trick or treating :(

Exploring the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Then it snowed!!!

I think she likes the new bakfiets.

 Happy the sun is out again and to be riding.

Exploring the newly carved beach.

One of the last days he was able to jump in.

Tummy time!

Beach bounty.

New winter hat.

Mom had a little crash and spilt the smoothie. It was everywhere!

They both got haircuts.

Peek A Boo!

They love these magnets, but they are slowly disappearing. I say the vacuum ate them.

New Nutcase helmets!

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