The Car is Sold!

10:05 PM

We have sold the car! Very soon we will be completely car free! OMG!

After the new year my husband's uncle will be coming up from South Carolina to get the car. It's great timing because we still have it for holiday travel to see family and for a trip up to Massachusetts to visit friends. After that our car will belong to someone else and we will just have our bikes. My husband is super excited, as am I (I just have a slight feeling of, 'Oh shit what the fuck did we just do?!' HAHA! Mainly because I was the one who used and depended on it the most). We are excited for the new chapter and the challenges it will bring. This has brought us so much closer to being debt free and living a more simple life.

It's so amazing how, less than a year ago, we were such a different family. We had two cars, only two kids, and bikes that hadn't been ridden in years. Now we have three kids, two cargo bikes, and not even one car! And it all began when I saw an ad for a Yuba Mundo in Bicycle Times last winter. That ad sparked a conversation between my husband and I, and a desire to own a cargo bike was born. With that search we found Liz Canning's website about her project to make a cargo bike documentary and  joined the facebook group for the movie too. Since then we have been inspired to ride more by all of the amazing families in that group and all of the other bike lovers we have found on the web.

This ride is just starting for us and I can't wait to see where it takes us.

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