A Week's Worth - Christmas

9:46 PM

A birthday present from a friend. Taproot subscription.

Christmas Eve dinner.

Forgot to get wrapping paper, but luckily we had enough tissue paper to use instead.

Ben's favorite was the gum in his stocking.

Nat's favorite was Perplexus. 

Dad liked the Magformers.

Ellie loved her new Haba toy.

The Three Amigos!

Swimming in baby toys!

Checkin' out her new toys.

It was Ellie's first Christmas!

Little feet :)

Ready to go on Christmas day.

Rib roast on Christmas Day! My Aunt and Uncle can cook anything!

My Nana at 101. 

This duck used to have a head, and my cousin and I would always hide it in my Nana's hamper,
 so that she would find it when she did laundry. Good childhood memories.
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! 
How we spent our New Year's celebration is coming next.

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