Books & Bowls

1:48 PM

There are days when I doubt myself and the choices my husband and I have both made in educating our kids. Those days happen more than I would like. Should I be doing more with the boys? Should I be doing less? Is this home schooling thing enough? Am I enough for them? Then something happens. They grow and learn right before my eyes. All while I was doubting myself. I never doubt them. I know they can do anything, so why do I keep doubting myself? It's not really up to me anyway. I can offer the information and the space to learn. It's up to them to learn it. I know my patience needs some work, especially with myself. The book, Where Is the Green Sheep by Mem Fox, was Nat's favorite as a baby. He knew it then just by the pictures. Now he can read the words, and so can Ben. We have not done a formal curriculum with them. Instead, we have read to them, answered there questions about what something says, and just had overall discussion about letters and sounds. This all happens everyday and everywhere we go. They still have a lot to learn with reading, but it's happening. With or without my doubt it is happening. It just goes to show that as they learn I learn. Slowly at the their own pace they learn to read as I learn, slowly, to have patience with myself.

As I watch them grow I also somehow want to freeze time. It's all wonderful and amazing, yet bittersweet. They are not babies anymore. These finished bowls of cereal will one day be placed in the sink instead of on the counter they can easily reach. Before I know it they will both tower over me and help me get the things out of my reach. Bowls on the counter is good place to be for now.

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