Our First Week Being Car Free

1:30 PM

I can't believe it has only been a little over a week now that we haven't had the car. Time has seemed to have slowed down. I like the change of pace. It's helping me to enjoy the kids more, and to be more present. We have done a lot of walking, took two trips by train, and of course lots of biking. I went to the grocery store last week by myself on the Breezer. It was about an 8 mile round trip which, minus the time at the actual store, took me about an hour of biking time.

Also, this weekend the boys had a sleepover at my Aunt's house. Their house is about 6 miles from us, but there are some serious uphills to get there and back. I am not sure when I'll be ready to take that ride, but Brian was as ready as ever yesterday. I'm so proud of him, and thankful that it wasn't me pedaling! I know I will be able to do it one day, yesterday was just not that day. Below is a map of his route and a video of them all leaving to come back home.

The whole week has been a great start to our new car free life. All the exercise and fresh air are helping us to feel great and it keeps the winter blues away too. We are proving to ourselves what we are capable of. Things I never even could have imagined doing before are now a reality. And it's all good!

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