A Week's Worth, Okay Maybe Two Weeks

6:01 PM

Somehow Ellie took over this week haha! I guess the boys are sick of me taking photos of them and she has no choice because she can't go far yet LOL!

Thumbs rule!

First time in a park swing. She loved it.

Ben took this one of Ellie and I.

Nat took this one. My budding little photographers.

She is multi talented.

She looks like she is going to blast off into space in this thing.

Line of Sight, these bikers are crazy! Crazy awesome!
Asleep in the ergo. We are both getting used to it.

Thumbs or toes, which is better?

Love this goof ball!

Baby sumo wrestler.

Bike Onesie!

These kale chips lasted 5 seconds.

We play with our food in this house.

Started doing Time 4 Learning.  Seems like a good program so far.

Tired of paying so much for disposables. Time for cloth.

Foggy day at the beach.

Still a little wobbly, but she almost has it.

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