Our Ninth Year of Marriage

8:00 AM

Today is our 9th wedding anniversary. We have been together ten years total and I met him twelve years ago when I was seventeen. When I was five we lived next door to him and his family. At the time I was an only child and wanted friends to play with. My mother said the kids next door were too old for me. Good thing she didn't say that later when I finally met him.

It sounds cliche, but when I first met him I felt that I knew him already. It wasn't the mushy love at first sight, but a feeling of, 'Oh there you are!' It was a crazy feeling and one not mentioned until a couple of years later.

He is the reason I changed my mind about marriage. He is the reason I found the confidence in myself to become a parent. He is my partner and best friend. He is an amazing father! He changed my life in so many ways and I love that he is in it. To my partner, best friend, lovahhh, and my personal cheerleader (always with fluffy pompoms waving) I love you, we love you! Happy anniversary!

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  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! So sweet :D

  2. I missed this post! Just wonderful & happy belated anni!!!