This Bike is Good for Main Street America

2:08 PM

Much easier parking for the bike than the cars in this parking lot.

I'll admit we have been doing a lot more walking than riding. Walking gives the boys a chance to stretch and run, especially after being stuck inside for long periods of time. And riding in the bakfiets does not allow them to get out their energy with the short trips we take. Plus, we live very close to many things, so walking is easy.

However, the boys had pottery class yesterday and I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of walking, and then kind of being stuck watching them make art like some helicopter parent. It was also a little too cold to walk around with the babe. But riding the bike allowed me to ride quickly back home get a cup of coffee from Barbaric Bean, visit my husband at the flower shop, change and feed the baby, and then ride back to get the boys after their hour class. Something that would have taken me a lot longer to do walking all around town. I also purchased a new spoon rest (ours broke) from the boys pottery teacher. Then, after dinner Ben and I rode into the next town over and got some sweet treats from Confections of A Rockstar. In less than a few hours I visited three local businesses and was able to help keep them going.

Walking does the same thing too. I'm not bashing walking. The other day we walked to Asbury and gave two local businesses some money, The Speakeatery and Twisted Tree, while getting some yummy food in return.

You see walkers and bikers help keep Main Street America and small businesses going, especially the restaurants. All this walking and biking just makes me even more hungry!

I love this video from The Path Less Pedaled Peeps about biking and small towns.
This bike is so strong it can be used as a jungle gym.

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