Maine Part 1

10:54 PM

This past August we took our first family vacation. A true vacation. No visiting relatives far away. No tagging along with other families. Just us. It was quiet and peaceful. And much needed time away.

We stayed in a tiny cottage in Brooksville Maine. The owners were helpful and extremely nice. They showed us how to dig up mussels right from the cove, and even gave us a tour around the area.

Wonderful food was eaten. Fresh picked blackberries from the yard. Fresh baked bread and brick fired pizza from Tinder Hearth Bakery. Along with yummy fire roasted marshmallows for dessert.

Quality time was spent with each other. The kids were outside more than inside. Conversations were finally uninterrupted, and sleep was abundant. 

Maine Part 2 Coming Soon!


Simple. Fun. Laughter. Love. Bird watching. Rock throwing. Exploration. Nature. Family.
What more do you need on vacation?
Not one complaint of not enough technology. Not once was the word, boredom, spoken.
Just a family where they needed to be.

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