Adventures in Minecraft

2:55 PM

Minecraft has taken over! 

The boys play it by themselves, together, and with their cousins. They socialize with other kids who play it by talking about it and by playing it with them. They learn to play the game from their cousins and from YouTube videos. They learn to read while playing. The creativity they use in this game amazes me. Just today they built a roller coaster that turned on and off, and even went under ground. Math is being learned along with computer programming/coding skills (that one really shocked me. I saw them typing in computer codes to get the game to do what they wanted. All without my help). 

They don't just sit in front of the computer or iPad and play, they bring it outside with Minecraft toy swords. It has encouraged them to build with their Legos more. It has now turned into creative role playing with the tiny Minecraft figures. Minecraft isn't all they do, but it's what they are obsessed with right now. It's how they bond with each other and relate to other kids. You can see how passionate they are about it. This is more than a game for them, and that's okay.

Is it something I would choose to do myself? No. Is it what I would choose for them? No. But guess what, it's not up to me to choose what they relate to. 

I'm here to guide, help, and make sure everyone stays alive. I'm here to make sure they are learning in the best way that is possible for them. Sure I would love our lives to be filled with wooden toys and art supplies. It would be great to hear them listening to audio books on their own. I would love to have property for them to explore and help tend. And maybe one day we will have that, but for now it's this. 

For the past few years my photography job relied on the computer. I learned new photography skills and promoted my business through the internet. I used digital editing software to edit my photos. My business and my learning took place mainly via this technology. 

So how could I tell my kids that they couldn't utilize the same technology to learn themselves? 
I couldn't, and I can't. This is how our lives are set up for the moment. Our lives will change majorly in less than five months. The boys will also not like Minecraft forever, though they will have the benefits and memories of what it is teaching them. Just as I do from my photography business. 

My husband and I chose to homeschool/unschool them because we wanted our children to be able to do what they love and learn from it. We believe they will learn everything they need to through doing what they are passionate about. They already are. The kids constantly prove our doubts and fears wrong. In so many more ways than how they play Minecraft. 

This is the time where they can safely find out who they are and what makes them tick, so the stress of that doesn't hit them when they are adults with mouths to feed, bills to pay, and no time to figure it out. I have to remind myself of this from time to time because I didn't have this safety to explore my creativity. I thought there was only one way to do things, and that was through school. I now know better. One size does not fit all. Everyone learns differently. Everyone has different things they are passionate about, and are passionate about many things at different points in their lives. And that's all okay!

Can you think back to your childhood for a minute and try to remember what you were completely obsessed with? Something that you did because you wanted to. Something that maybe had nothing to do with your schooling. An activity you did because you were passionate about it. 

I remember coloring. I would color for hours. Obsessing about coloring in the lines perfectly. A new box of crayons with perfect points along with a brand new coloring book made me so happy. I was also obsessed with the movie Annie and exhausted more than one video tape of it by the time I was 5. I guess I'm now getting my payback in the form of constant Yo Gabba Gabba. HA!

So what were your passions as a child? Better yet, what are your passions now?

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  1. Nicely written. I also can still smell the aroma of a fresh box of crayons and also the distinct smell of poster paints. ah! The good old days

  2. I totally agree! My boys love Minecraft and just recently got a Lego Minecraft for a gift. They are very cool and as I pay attention to how they build and their conversations together I can see how they are learning and having fun - and that's the best king of learning. We just signed up for Minecraft Homeschool and they are so stoked!