3:41 PM

I have grown not to depend.
I was taught to be independent and that dependence was not such a good thing.
I have learned otherwise.
I am both now.
Independent in ways, dependent in others.
Now relying more on others then ever before.
I rely on train schedules, store hours, weather, others' generosity...
I depend on my body more to work to get somewhere.


I depend more on my husband to get the shopping done.
No car means more depending.
More humbling of oneself.
In a world that teaches us that's it's bad to depend on others so much,
being car-free has taught me that we really do need each other.
It's a spirit, health, and life strengthener.
It has deepened connections to other people, the weather, the world.

Sometimes it is still hard to accept help.
To rely.
To say no.
To say yes.
Sometimes pride has to be swallowed.
Truth has to be found in inconvenient ways.
It has made me, all of us, stronger.

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