January in the Heart of Winter

8:00 AM

Our January is usually slow and quiet. There have been some quiet times, but more doing and moving this time around. Sleepovers, movies, visits from family, and trips to see friends. Dinner with friends and a few train rides. NYC with the baby, my 16 year old sister and her friend. A date night with this stranger named Brian, who is actually my husband (it's been a while since we went out to eat and actually got to chew our food and talk). 

The baby has learned how to eat grapes right out of the fridge and a boy learned, through his boredom, that he could balance paper on his head. We made our own play dough, which was turned into computers of course! A cup with ice can keep a toddler still on the train, for about 5 minutes. Naps are a sanity booster, and the boys still love each other enough to snuggle while watching a dinosaur documentary. 

Even in winter's stillness they grow and change so quickly. It's been a great month. Now for some down time.

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  1. Sleeping E is stunningly beautiful! What a photograph. Your month sounds stellar & that is such a hilarious truth about a date night with a stranger, ha! Love it!