The CETMA Cargo Bike is Here!

8:54 AM


Enough bikes? 

Well, here it is! Brian has been waiting about nine months for this bike (well worth the wait), so we had to document this correctly. Now, there is another cargo bike in our fleet, and this time it's an American, handmade bike by Lane of CETMA Cargo.

Last spring we sold our first cargo bike, the Madsen (still a great cargo bike), so that we could save the money to buy Brian's dream cargo bike. He already had most of the parts from an old downhill mountain bike, so all he needed was the frame. Because of this we didn't need to save up as much for a full bike. Plus, Brian loves building bikes and was excited to have a project to complete in his near future.

Let me just say I am not the bike person of this family and I don't really know anything about them, but this bike is gorgeous! Without even putting it together you could see the craftsmanship, care, and time that went into making this bike. It is a quality bike! (Thank you so much Lane! We already love the bike so much! Your hard work and talent really does show!)

Over the next few weeks we hope to get a box built to put kiddos and such on the front. Brian needs to put some finishing touches on it in terms of a new chain and a brake cable for the front too. Though, it's pretty much all built and ready to go. 

Here are some video snippets of the maiden voyage:

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  1. Aw, shucks. This sort of thing makes my work totally worth every minute. Cheers to the Gray family. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Lane! Brian made the first grocery run with it tonight, said it was awesome!

  2. Oh wow! That bike looks so long when you see him bike past. Did he really scratch it? Anyway, yeah! Hopefully that snow melts sooner and he can take more enjoyable rides.

  3. I ordered the same bike (stretch margo) in december. Thanks for showing those pictures! Can you comment on the bike's handling and ability to carry your 3 cute kids?

    1. I normally ride a Workcycles Bakfiets Long. This bike feels longer but has a smaller turning radius. It turns very sharp for such a long bike, which is a good thing. Now I only need to do a 5 point k turn on a sidewalk to turn around opposed to a 10 point. The front fork is swept forward so when you turn the bike begs to turn and you can lean into it. It has a very sporty feel. The bike handles differently with and without weight. Without weight, the front end bounces over bumps and squirrels around a bit. With weight, Ive had over a hundred pounds of groceries and my kids, which weigh 100 lbs combined, the bike shined brightly! As with most long johns, it felt super stable and glided over bumps like a champ. It cornered smoothly and with the 8" hydraulic brakes, it stopped on a dime. All while still feeling very fast and super smooth. As you can tell by my long winded response, I absolutely love this bike and would suggest it to anyone that has kids or cargo that they want to carry confidently and comfortably. Plus its pretty sexy looking too! Enjoy you bike!!

  4. This is a wonderful story in photos also, of how Brian work with the boys, and Ellie included, showing them the tools and how things work. Ellie wont be left out tho, I see she's checking it all out also.


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