A Week's Worth

4:45 PM

Last week we had some amazing weather, so what else should we do, but get back on our bikes and ride the boardwalk. We rode through a few towns and then stopped at a playground to stretch our legs. I realized how much I miss getting on the bike and riding. It felt so good! The boys were on their bikes which usually makes me nervous, but they are a lot better at riding now. Plus, being on the boardwalk makes me feel better safety wise. On the colder days we built forts and did some painting. 

How did you all spend your days with that taste of spring last week?

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  1. Wow, you certainly did have some milder weather! Care sending any of that up our way? It's -9C right now. Ugh!

    Sometimes I wish we lived somewhere we could ride bikes safely around town. I will have to live vicariously through you. It's scary being a cyclist and a pedestrian in these parts!

    1. Oh I feel ya! It just snowed again yesterday. Where is spring?