Finding Beauty in the Everyday

11:30 AM

Baby toes! Who doesn't love baby toes? 
I can't take them for granted because these little feet are growing bigger and faster everyday. 

These two are inseparable. 
Their relationship is so strong and amazing. 
I hope that they remain close forever.

I guess I'm craving the warmth of sunshine so much that whenever I see it come through the blinds I want to take a photo. It's not my normal subject matter, but I kind of like it. 
(No, I wasn't on the toilet when I took it. Just in case that thought crossed your mind. LOL!)

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  1. Winter in NJ has driven everyone crazy. I'm so glad to see the sunshine, in any form, even thru a bathroom window. Get out in the fresh air tonight and enjoy before the snow comes in again next week. Love to all.

  2. Sunshine!! We had some today for the first time in what seems like forever. I was going crazy running around the house taking pictures of the light! And then playing outside in the gorgeous fresh air!!