Nap Time in the Bakfiets Cargo Bike

9:24 PM

I decided to take advantage of the nice weather today. It wasn't too cold, but it was very windy. I made the mistake of keeping the rain cover on the bakfiets, though it did help Ellie stay warmer. Unfortunately, having the cover on is like putting a sail on the bike. Great for when the wind is at your back, not so much for when it's pushing you sideways, or with a headwind. I had to keep up my speed or else I could have easily tipped to the side. It's happened before and the boys won't let me forget it LOL! Either way we had a great ride along the boardwalk today and Ellie finally took a nap along the way. The boys even got to go to the playground again while their sister napped. It feels great to be back out on the bike!

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  1. That bike is just the coolest thing.

    Love that blue sky and those smiling faces. Come on, Spring!