Some Photos & Updates!

10:28 PM

These past few weeks have been very busy, to say the least. We are officially moving to Portland, Oregon and leaving this week for our great big move! I have tried to keep the Creative Mothers series going, just so you had a little to read here, but after this week the series and the blog will be on hold until the end of May. I might be able to update sooner, but I don't want to promise anything. Don't worry Creative Mothers will be back and so will we, and you still have a mother to meet this week!

Anyway, we are extremely excited to meet, in person, many cargo biking friends, see old friends, and create new friendships once we get to Portland. Plus, we can't wait to explore a whole new place! 

We are hoping the drive across the USA, with three little ones crammed in, goes as well as it can. We will definitely keep everyone updated via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, so make sure to follow the craziness! I will also update the blog with our trip once we are all settled. 

Thank you to all of you who have been following our car-free, homeschooling, and creative journey so far! It's going to get even better, especially the car-free part!

She has been falling asleep like this a lot lately. I know I will miss it one day when she gets too big.

Biked to storage.

Our bikes match the storage units :)

Finally, a warmish beach day!

Windy, but worth it!

What the house usually looks like.

I can't take the cuteness when she falls asleep!

Easter candy overload!

Someone had to have his two front baby teeth pulled.
He was starting to become a shark with two sets of front teeth.
He wasn't happy, but handled it like a champ!

Mommy is a comfy pillow.

Haven't been able to paint much, but I made a little card the other day to get some creative energy out.

We found her sunglasses while packing. Your welcome!

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