Our Move West

5:09 PM

We are finally here in Portland, Oregon! We have actually been here for two weeks. Before that we were on the road for eight days, driving across the country. It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it definitely had it's moments of hell on wheels! The kids were really good and we saw places that these photos don't do any justice. We mostly stayed in hotels, which was a big help with keeping the kids, and grown-ups, sane. Once we made it to California we took our time, visited with friends, and camped for a night next to the Pacific Ocean. We are happy to be in our new home and out of the car!

Here are some photos from our trip across the great USA. Enjoy!


Geeps (Grandma) was our truck driver.

Stretching the legs.

How you keep Ellie in one place, a luggage rack.

She climbs on everything.

It was flat and kind of boring, but still pretty.

This fog was crazy!

Peek a...


Couldn't ask for a better view from our hotel window in Utah.

I cannot wait to paint clouds again. These will help inspire for sure.

The salt flats were absolutely amazing! No photo filters needed on these photos, this is exactly what it looked like.


Gorgeous fields and skies along the highway in California.

Met with friends in Berkeley. The kids enjoyed being out of the car and playing with their friends.

Nat even got to feed a kitten.

The Redwood Trees are fantastic, or "majestical" as Nat would say ;) If you have to go anywhere, go to Northern California and see these beautiful trees. 

Running on the square in Arcata, CA.

Agate Beach

Camping. Worst. Night. Sleep. EVAR! We didn't 

Flower Papa!

We saw whales and seals swim  by. Major highlight of the trip!

Found an Agate.

Hugging a Redwood :)

Sunset in Oregon.

Collecting rocks on the Oregon coast.

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  1. Great post!! Thanks for sharing your adventure!!

  2. A nice portfolio of the trip west. Hopefully the kids will remember the places they stopped and the beautiful country they crossed. It was a great experience for them and they were so good.

  3. Beautiful scenery! Someday I want to take a cross-country trip :-) Best wishes in your new home!

  4. Congrats on the move! Love the retrospective. Baby in the luggage rack & flower papa were my favs! Your last photograph is stunning. Very happy for you and your family!

  5. Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  6. Megan, thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us. I always enjoy your pictures and reading your blog. You have such a wonderful family. I hope you are truly happy in your new home. Your mom speaks highly of you and your family. Your mom was my best friend growing up and I am glad to see she did such a great job raising her kids...Looking forward to more pictures and more stories...Debbie Moran(a friend of your mom)