I Didn't Think I Could Climb the Hills

6:55 PM

When I first arrived in Portland, and started riding my bike around, I had to walk up most of the hills. I am ashamed to say that even on the Breezer I was walking up the hills at least part of the way. I thought there was no way I would ever be able to make it back home by bike from any other area of the city. Well, maybe I would be able to once in a while, but not a few times a week. I was trying to figure out how we were going to afford to put an e-assist on the bakfiets. I felt defeated. I was worried that biking here wasn't going to be as fun as I had hoped.

I was wrong! So wrong! Most of my anxiety was purely mental. My body has now proven my mind wrong. In the first few weeks of being here I noticed myself getting stronger and stronger. No more walking the Breezer up the hills. Then, over the next few rides, I became better at riding the bakfiets up the hills. Slowly, but I did it. Sometimes I didn't even realize I was riding up them in higher gears than I thought possible for myself. It was fun! I can do it! I'm also getting better each time I ride. Is it difficult at first? Yes! Does it suck most of the time? Yes! Do I have to walk the bike sometimes? Yes, but I'm not riding in a race, so who cares! When I make it, all of the previous struggles become worth it. Not only does it boost my confidence, it makes my mind feel better and my body stronger.

I had imagined that riding here would be fun, and it is!

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