Hiking Mount Hood On The Elk Cove Trail

2:26 AM

Last Saturday Ellie and I went hiking with a friend on Mount Hood. Specifically the Elk Cove Trail section. The day started out kind of crazy. Ellie got car-sick twice on the drive there, so we had to pull over and clean her off. (You know you have great friends when they volunteer to wash out your toddler's puke covered shirt in a gas station bathroom). Ellie was fine once she got that out of her system. By the time we reached the trail she was back to her normal self. 

The hike itself was a bit more than I expected (it's been an embarrassing ten years since I have went on a serious hike like this), but it was well worth jumping back on the trail with a toddler on my back. Though, I warn you... if you still have hiking boots that you purchased before you birthed your first child, donate them! No matter how great they still are because they will not fit your feet for a 10 mile hike on Mount Hood! My feet were completely wrecked with blisters by the time we got back to the car. Okay, I hope we are clear on that! Anyway, as you can see by the photos below it was all worth it. Plus, I had a great excuse to immediately order new boots when I got home. 

I'm so glad my friend invited Ellie and I out for a hike on Mount Hood. It was my first time being there and it definitely puts you in your place. Nothing like a mountain/volcano to make sure you remember just how small you are. These iPhone photos really do not do it justice. It was amazing! The meadow just didn't even seem real. My friend and I both felt like we had stepped into a commercial, or a National Geographic photo. I highly recommend hiking the Elk Cove Trail. It will not disappoint you.

We were almost out of water by the time we got up to the meadow.
Luckily there were two campers that let us use their water filter to fill our canteens up again.

What's more fun than digging in the dirt?

Digging in the dirt with Mount Hood behind you. Spoiled!

Her love of rocks rivals all other toddler's.

Eating Wild Huckleberries by a stream. Again, SPOILED!

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  1. Gorgeous! How long did it take?

    1. Thanks! Well, we had a late start, so I think we started around 11:30am or noon. Finished by 6:30pm (we were going very slowly).