Our Camping Adventure - Nehalem Bay Oregon

2:57 PM

We had been waiting for what felt like years to put our feet back on sandy soil. To hear the waves crashing. To smell the salt in the air. It didn't matter that it was foggy and a bit cold. We loved every minute of being outside visiting with family. The kids played tag, hide and seek, burnt sticks in the fire, and didn't ask for the iPads once. We roasted marshmallows while Papa (Grandpa) told stories. We listened to the rain on the tent while snuggling in our sleeping bags. Nehalem Bay is beautiful no matter what the weather. It was relaxing and we all felt that we had an energy reboot. We cannot wait to go camping again and hope that we can get back out there soon!


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  1. What a fun trip! Your photographs are truly always so inviting and beautifully real. E's hair is getting so long! Cute photo of you and the hubs (& wee one). :)

    1. Thanks Ruby! I'm so glad you like the photos. I always admire your photos you post as well. :)