This Kid Has Awesome Hair!

1:50 AM

A few days ago I decided to get my big camera out and have some fun. We have fans going throughout the apartment and I noticed Ben's hair being even more awesome when he stood in front of it. So of course it was time for Ben's inner hair model to come out. He's so amazing I can't stand it! I hope he doesn't break too many hearts when he gets older.


Plus, I had to get a shot with the talent haha! Ben was actually in between making fish faces, but I love how it looks like he's had enough of my craziness. 

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  1. Absolutely stunning. I might have to hit you up to help me on a local baby brand project (for which I will be borrowing a baby!) :)

  2. Yay! Love to see the new website and your focus on art. You are a motivator in my life, you know, even if you live in another country and on the opposite coast! :) xx

    1. You motivate me as well! Distance doesn't matter thanks to the internet. :)

  3. OH, and yes, that kid is going to be a heartbreaker and that hair... :)