Camping at Beverly Beach State Park

3:08 PM

Beverly Beach is beautiful! The campground was pretty full, but still quiet. We explored the beach where Spencer Creek met the Pacific Ocean, and the city of Newport where we saw California Sea Lions up close. We saw Steller's Jays, and crazy tree roots. Marshmallows were roasted. Stories were told around the fire along with a bunch of questions about reproduction, world wars, twins, and Hippo nipples. It was an interesting night of conversations to say the least haha! It felt good to be camping again. We all enjoyed slowing down and pushing the reset button.

Settling in.

Best slide ever!!!

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  1. You must have enjoyed that deep connection with nature... and by the way, where are those two bottom teeth? :)

  2. I really enjoyed looking at your album for the second time. I miss everyone. Looks like you had a great trip