Just Us Being Us

5:48 PM

Here is about a week's worth of Gray Family nonsense. Most of these have already been posted on my Instagram. That's why there is a coffee rant along with one of the photos. Feel free to follow the crazy over there if you like. As you can see I am not going the route of everything is so picturesque and lovely over here. Sometimes it's happy chaos. Sometimes it's pure frustration. Sometimes it's survival, ha! And yes, sometimes things are quite beautiful. Anyway, enjoy the photo show haha!

Just a normal day with The Grays.

I couldn't resist photographing him in this light.

Please! Please! Let me drink my coffee kids! Just let me drink. My. Coffee. I can't wipe your ass or feed you if I don't drink it! Why am I drinking out of a mug with my mug on it? A present from my mother given to my husband. for what reason I don't know. A mug I try not to drink out of bc it's weird drinking out of a cup with a photo of yourself on it. A photo of a time when you used all your creative energy to dye your hair red and to care what it looked like. I just want my coffee, and it was the only cup in the cabinet. That's why. Now please minions, let me drink this shit! ‪#‎motherhoodtruthbomb‬

"Come on Mommy!" Yes master. Where do you want your humble mother servant to go? Can I finish eating my breakfast first? No. Ok.

How the blogging gets done!

I hope these two always remain close. ‪#‎brothers‬

Man, he's got me! Love this little guy!

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  1. Looks like a loving,happy family

    1. Haha! There is love and happiness, with a touch of crazy LOL!

  2. I would have a hard time doing any blogging with children always at my side. Kuddos to your mothering skills! ;) Cute photos.

  3. What is it about kids wearing buckets on their heads? My daughter has been doing the same thing every day since we bought her a trick or treating bucket. It's hilarious!