Our Roof Top Tent Has Arrived!

10:48 PM

This is all getting serious folks! Our Cascadia Roof Top Tent (Mount Rainier Model) has arrived, and is now on the van. We have been super lucky this week with finding great businesses and people to get this van life started. We purchased the Yakima SwingDaddy and roof bars from Rack Attack, and even saved some money by finding some of the mounting parts on Craigslist. Always check Craigslist first! Then we purchased a tent from Simple Camping Solutions in Vancouver. He not only gave us 5% off of the tent, but came and delivered it right to our door at no extra cost. AWESOME!

Of course we were all too excited and had to open up the tent before we put it on the van. Ben said I shouldn't post this photo because it isn't a good one and it's all blurry. Well kid, maybe you guys should hold still a little longer ha! 

Yes the tent opens and hangs off of the van. The ladder is the major support for that part of the tent. Above is the tent without the annex room attached. We also need to get a ladder extension because our van is a monster, and without the curb we are going to need it to reach the ground.

We are going to have some amazing views from up there!

I was able, barely, to help him get the tent out of the house and up onto the van. Luckily a neighbor was walking her dog and stopped to help us actually finish the heavy lifting up onto the roof. Really not hard just takes some muscle. 

The tent with the added annex room, which also has a floor that can be zippered along the bottom.

Finally, the tent all put away and ready to hit the road. Below is a very crappy video with me not really explaining anything, but you get to see the inside and outside of the tent. 

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