Mount Hood National Forest Along the Collawash River

1:29 AM

We have officially broken in the van and tent.  With the help and company of some friends we took our first camping trip with our new set up this past weekend. Mount Hood National Forest was the perfect place too. The weather was absolutely amazing, the river was beautiful, and the quiet was greatly needed. 

It was nice to see the kids explore the way they did. Toys and technology were not needed or asked for while they had nature to keep them busy. Plus, life can't be bad when you get to roast marshmallows at night.  

Can't complain about the amazing view from our tent. Waking up to the cold air isn't so bad when you have views like this.

Ellie could not get enough of the river. She loved throwing rocks and sticks into it. She also got some highly supervised stick burning time at the fire, which gave me major anxiety, but she was really good with it. Seems like this life will fit her well.

The Collawash River is one of the many beautiful rivers in the Mount Hood National Forest. It was great to sit and just listen to it rushing by. I had a chance to sit by it all by myself a few times. Definitely the best alone time I have had in a while.

The boys finally had the chance to use their carving knives. They have been waiting for Brian to show them how to use them.  I'm so glad their dad gets to do things like this with them. I know these lessons will stay with them forever, growing into new skills and creativity along the way.

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  1. What a wonderful portfolio of photos, showing the personality of those involved, along with great emotion in the faces. You're missing the photo of your sandals by the stream, then your first chapter is complete. I loved reading the story and we can't wait to see you all. Love the Ponytail!

  2. Oh how I love all of this! Your photos are so wonderful. :) When my husband and I went to visit family in San Fran we went to see the Muir Redwoods and I fell in love: all the dense greenery was magical.

    I've been wanting to teach the boys how to make a fire and carve. Hopefully this summer will the the one! Your kiddos look like they are just in their element! Love.

    So excited for your journey! xx