About Us

Welcome to Days With The Grays! We are a family of five, originally from the NJ Coast, that takes the path less traveled in more ways than one. We believe in self directed learning/unschooling, bikes, minimalism, tiny homes/van life, nature, and the list goes on. 

In 2012 we purchased our first cargo bike. A year later we went on to sell both of our cars and added another cargo bike to our lives. For over a year we were car-free in New Jersey. By selling our cars we got out of debt and began to finalize our plan to move to one of the most bike friendly cities, Portland, Oregon. In the Spring of 2014 we made the move to Portland (FYI biking in any aspect is pretty amazing here). 

Unfortunately, though we do love this city, it's a bit too far from family. After a year here we realize that Portland is just not where we want to settle, if settling is even what we really want. So, we have made a leap back into owning something with a motor, but this time it's more than just a car. It's a Ford E350 with an amazing roof top tent on it. This new van will be our home on wheels for the next few ????, and don't worry we still have our bikes. Now, onto another, longer and slower cross country trip back to the East Coast to see family, friends. 

UPDATE: We are now a semi-nomadic full time rv family living back in NJ. Brian is now a bike mechanic with a bike mechanic job. We are super excited for him. Megan is busy painting and working a bit at a local gallery one day/week. The kids are busy being kids. We are all excited to have our own little mobile tiny home aka 28ft travel trailer, which we will hopefully get to do some traveling with soon. It's still a crazy ride, so enjoy!!!

The wizard behind this blog is yours truly, Megan Gray. I am mama to three awesome littles, wife to a crazy, bearded cyclist (the beard comes and goes), and an artist (check out her art). I share my thoughts on unschooling, biking with kids, life without a car to life living in a van, and mostly snipets of our daily lives. From time to time you will see my husband post, or even an awesome guest post, but mostly it's just me keeping this blog moving. So whether bikes, van life, unschooling, or boredom that brought you here I just want to say, "Thank You." 

Thanks for stopping by and giving us a bit of your time. Comments are more than welcome and sharing is caring in my book. I love connecting with others, so don't hesitate say hello in the comments or via email - info@dayswiththegrays.com.